perak halida

silver halide, yup that’s how you read this in english, or in bahasa you can say Perak Halida. anyone who learn photograph should have familiar with this name. yup silver halide is the main chemical which is used in film photography. it’s nature is sensitive to lights, that’s why film photography (analog). for detail just ask uncle google or wikipedia, you’ll find better explanation than mine.

Why I choose this name ? it’s more personal actually. I learn photograph before digital era arrived. every time before I took Picture, I usually smell the film, it gives me some sensations which I couldn’t explain. maybe someday you should try this.

what will you find here ? only some cut scenes I’ve saw, and I’d like to share it with you. I love photograph and still learn up till now. that’s why what will you see in here is still far from perfect. so please leave some critics and suggestions, because whats in here are not yet proper to be called as a photo.

enough for the nonsense, just have a look around and leave the critics here.


agung n wibowo


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