The Beatles Night

these are some picture I took during a music performance nearby. they are playing songs from the beatles, my wife’s favourites band ever. yea though those lads play their songs in 20 years earlier before my wife was born. so here are some pictures i took. hope you can enjoy. 🙂

here’s the intro, a big screen showing some quotes that turns into John Lenon face…

this is Ridho Hafidz the guitarist of SLANK, he represents the young generation at this beatles night.

and this lad, is the Indonesian Rock Legend, this oldman name Ian Antono, yea he is the guitarist of the 80’s rock n roll band in Indonesia GOD BLESS !! look at his face did you see any expression?? nope he just look so “GAHAR” at his age!


they collaborate, the young and the oldman

and the last legend performance at that night is this old man! Ahmad Albar!! he’s the vocalist of GOD BLESS!!!  together with Ian Antono, these guys are legend.

can you see those wrinkles at their skin, and they still rawk!!

after 3 hours the show should be ended…


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