secangkir kopi bar playon (an epic behind a cup of cofee from Playa)

Did you ever know why a cup of coffee can be tasted soooo damn good??

In Javanese we say it Secangkir kopi bar playon or you can say it a cup of coffee after a long run that’s how we say it in english. here’s the complete story…..

this is the mess on Friday December 16th at my house in tangerang.

15 minutes before I was at the airport taking my bike after he stays there overnight.

yeah I’ve just coming back from jogja, flying through a bright sky…

but during the take off, it was rainy…. the plane is shaking and the rain splash on the window…

eventhough a friend of mine has take me to the airport to avoid the rain… in a little rush…

a few hour before i was having a brunch with these lads….

where’re your smile mates…!!??…. ahhh that’s good… but i think it’s better if you take a bath before you smile.. hahaha..

if you wonder why they look so hungry, this is what happens before the brunch. these lads are cleaning up their front yard.

Thursday, Dec 15th – one day before, I was waiting at the airport for a flight to jogja. this time I have to leave my heart at home because of her bussy-ness (business). of course it such a boring time sitting alone…..

time goes untill I finally realize that I was waiting at the wrong gate…!!! so I have to run to catch my plane..!! or else I will loose my money and a good time ahead… so start from here, the long run begin. thanks god I can still catch up my plane… and the flight was good

there’s a magical feeling when I finally can see the ground, the land, the small city of mine with it’s great uniqueness…. JOGJA!!!!!!! a place where we call it as a home..

see those crowded lamps and those blue tents? a  traditional event called Sekaten is being held at the square of the sultan’s palace.  this is the first time I saw it from the sky.

and finally the plane landed… mount merapi (the most active volcano in the world) has stand stoutly and greet me with his warmth, sneaking up through the dusk… “merapi, you should know how much I miss you”

then after praying -arround 6 pm, I continue my run with a bus called trans jogja… I have to catch up another bus which will take me to a place to have a cofee… actually it only took 15-20 minutes from airport to the meeting point, but since this is a public transportation it tooks more than an hour to reach the meeting point.yeah the driver need to have a rest for around 15 minutes at the bus station…. while the time has shown 7 pm!!!

I was worry that I couldn’t catch the shuttle bus which will lead me to loose my cup of coffee.. so when trans jogja stop at the shelter, I started to run again to the meeting point…!!! shit man!!! I’ve been running so far and I don’t wanna loose it!! some friends has been waiting!! and I don’t wanna be the one whose late!!! I look at the time and shows 7.30 pm!!! damn i have to move faster but my legs feels so tired, which forced me from run to walk… and thank God, I arrive just 10 minutes before the shuttle bus, and full of sweat.

just in time at 8.10 pm the bus took us to the place where we are going to have a “cup of coffee from Playa”

no one in the bus (except the guide and the driver) knows where we are going to. till the bus stop in front of an antique’s shop.

so this is the venue, where we are going to drink a cup of story from Playa…. you can check the complete story here, and these are some of my shots..

-end of the show-

like usual we have some chit chat with some friends on site.

and we continue the chit chat at their house till late, and they provide me this cup of coffee after my long run to watch them play. did you know why this coffee tastes good? you tell me…..


notes : Frankly I’m not really pleased to see my own shots, the low light and the moves was killing me. the lighting is just not that friendly to an amateur photographer like me… I just wish that I can see their dress rehearsal before. like usual I always put my white balance in the sun mode, so I could catch what actually our eyes see on the sites.

but still…….. I enjoy the long run…..!!


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