The Beatles Night

these are some picture I took during a music performance nearby. they are playing songs from the beatles, my wife’s favourites band ever. yea though those lads play their songs in 20 years earlier before my wife was born. so here are some pictures i took. hope you can enjoy. 🙂 here’s the intro, a […]

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gugun blues shelter !!!!!

wooooooooo hoooooooooooo!!! I finally see their live performance !!! they’re a great musician, tasty blues music, and sometimes a bit funk taste. I was very late to go to the front of the stage     see the crowd?? there I was, and I don’t have enough space to change to my tele lens.   […]

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Banten’s Governor Election

october 22nd was the date for my district to vote for the new governor. as usual I’m always incumbent, so do my wife. but still we go to the voting venue. in every elections there’s always some candidates and here they are with their boring campaign methods. for me what they have done is just […]

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next to the rail road

these are also some picture I got from the street around my neighbour hood. I head to the north where there’s a railroad laying there. and this is what I’ve found. have a seat mates… so you can watch what lies along this laying rail road.              

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